Adopt a Samoyed: What to Know

First, we really want to help you find a Samoyed. If we didn’t think this is the best breed on earth we wouldn’t be doing rescue work.

Northwest Samoyed Rescue places dogs in homes in Washington, Oregon, and northern Idaho. If you live outside our area, please visit 

In recent years Northwest Samoyed Rescue has placed from one to five dogs annually. Because so many more people apply than the number of dogs we help, many of our applicants will end up looking for a breeder. (See advice on breeders.)

If you’re looking for a puppy or young dog, it’s unlikely we will be able to help you as young dogs are seldom in rescue. If you have room in your heart for a senior dog, or even a middle-aged dog, we really want to hear from you because those are the dogs who need homes.

Based on our experience with the breed and the rescue / placement process, we give preference to potential adoption environments that match these criteria:

  • Adopters experienced with the breed
  • Homes with fenced yards (note that “invisible fences” do not qualify)
  • Condos / townhomes / apartments with ready access to exercise and elimination areas
  • Environments where the dog’s “home alone” time will be minimized

Note that you must agree to a home check in advance of adoption so one of our volunteers can verify whether it will be a good environment for a rescue Samoyed, and better match the right dog with the right environment. While a specific dog on our available dogs page often catalyzes an adoption application and home visit, we are unable to promise prospective adopters any specific dog in advance.

On adoption, we ask for an adoption donation of $500, which is quite a lot less than the costs of an average rescue dog. If a dog has had extraordinary costs we may ask for a higher donation. Our goal is to break even. We also require a signed adoption agreement.

Ready to adopt? 

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