On September 10, 2023

Balto lived with a family in Thurston County, but his energy and curiosity (which would sometimes inspire him to make the leap beyond the fenceline) led them to conclude that he was too much for them to keep up with. With a good fence, some outlets for his energy, and an attentive environment, we think he’ll prove a great dog in a new forever home. 

Balto is easygoing, eager to please, knows basic tricks, and is motivated by attention and praise more than food. He’s great with people and kids – even little kids – and other dogs. He has been known to chase cats. Balto is good with grooming and is also create trained, often choosing to sleep in his kennel at night. 

Sex: M

Neutered: Yes

Size: Medium (24-60 lb)

Age: 2 years (born 10-22-2020)