On February 3, 2024

Koda is a very vocal dog and eager to tell you that he wants to be a part of the family. He loves to sing along with car alarms, guitars, and as a big “Samoyed talker” likes to have conversations about treats, car rides and stuffies, which he knows by name. He loves blueberries, bananas, and treats and takes them with a very soft bite. He’s also a big snuggler and loves to curl up on the couch with his people.

Koda is all about his humans, but not so much about sharing his household with other dogs — particularly males — or cats, so he would do best in a household where he’s the only pet. He’s un-neutered, so once he’s neutered (which will be done either prior to his adoption of as a condition thereof), his reliability with other dogs will likely improve. His attachment to the family also means he has some separation anxiety, so an environment where his humans are home more frequently than not would be ideal.

Koda was originally acquired from a breeder by his current family and is much loved, but a major life change means that Koda won’t be able to accompany them on an upcoming move, so they’re working with Samoyed Rescue to find him a new forever home. Until that match emerges, we’d also love to find a foster home that could take Koda in on a temporary basis to help ease that transition.

Sex: M

Age: 6 years

Size: Large (80 lb)

Neutered: No (will be neutered prior to adoption, or as a condition of adoption)

Chipped: Yes