On February 3, 2024

Maeve is a sweet dog who came to us from an apartment environment, where city living wasn’t really her cup of tea. She delights in the great outdoors, and loves running around the large yard at her foster home dashing after birds, squirrels, rabbits – anything that provides a good chase. If she’s already chased everything out of the yard, she’ll start nosing the bushes in the hopes of flushing something out for another round. 

Maeve’s chase instinct, thankfully, doesn’t extend to cats, and she gets along well with other dogs as well. She’s particularly loving and affectionate with her humans, and loves to be petted, brushed and fussed over. To increase the chances of this, she’s quick to obey basic commands. She is spayed, up to date on shots, house trained, crate trained and reportedly also good with kids.

Maeve’s challenge comes in the form of anxiety, and the noises of her previous urban environment would set off rounds of barking, which can sometimes escalate to a fevered pitch. Even small things can get her wound up and to help mitigate this, Maeve is on anti-anxiety medication (fluoxetine). In the past on occasion she’s been on trazadone and gabapentin as well, but with a healthy amount of bird-chasing in her foster environment, these haven’t proven necessary. Maeve would do best in an environment where there is not a lot of external noise and bustle, and where her humans are at home with her the majority of the time. 

Sex: F

Age: 4 years

Size: Medium (60 lb)

Spayed: Yes

Chipped: Yes