On August 19, 2023

Mia was found wandering around in Arlington with her four puppies. The person who found her brought her to the shelter where the owner picked up two of the puppies and left her and the others. The two remaining puppies were adopted out quickly, and the shelter transferred her to the Northwest Samoyed Rescue. They thought she was about 2 years old, she didn’t have a name that they knew of, so we’ve been calling her Mia. That was the only information they had about her.

She’s been living here with a Northwest Samoyed Rescue foster for the last couple of weeks (volunteer here!) and she is a very sweet dog. She is pretty calm for the most part, she likes to find shady spots in the yard to chill out and likes to check in for pets and treats fairly often. She loves to go adventuring and gets super excited for walks. We think she would be an excellent hiking companion.

She does have a couple of issues to be aware of. She does resource guard — mainly food — against other dogs. We’ve only seen it in the home environment, not on walks or elsewhere, and it’s only been directed towards dogs. She would probably do best as an only dog. When she first arrived, she was also very anxious about certain things — mainly car rides and tile flooring. It hasn’t taken her too long to get used to the floor, so we think it will improve fairly quickly with good experiences.