Available to adopt

March 29, 2024

Moko is a sweet dog and while often shy, when she’s in her comfort zone her active personality starts to emerge. Though an older dog, she’s in excellent physical shape, with the alertness and energy levels of a much younger dog, which she’s always happy to demonstrate with a round of her favorite game, tug-of-war.

Moko’s comfort zone centers more on other people than other dogs. She was the only dog in her previous home, so assertiveness or bossiness from other dogs can send her retreating to her crate for safety. Wrestling matches at the dog park are not her cup of tea. “Just me and my human” walks in the park are a better match for Moko.

Moko is a smart and curious dog who knows basic commands, but does flash an occasional streak of that trademark Samoyed stubbornness. While we expect it will take a little bit of time for her to adjust to her new environment, once she does she’s going to be an affectionate and appreciative addition to her new forever home, and a dog who is very much all about her humans.

Sex: F

Age: 12 years

Size: Medium (55 lb)

Spayed: Yes

Chipped: Yes