On October 22, 2023

Quinn’s life before rescue was essentially as an “outdoor dog” and he is discovering that the luxuries of indoor-dog living are very much to his liking.

His first introduction to us was a six-hour session with the groomer (as you can imagine, he was quite dirty), and he performed admirably.

He was also quick to decide that he’s a big fan of human attention, which we suspect was in short supply in his previous environment. He lights up when you talk to him, and when he’s not getting attention, is likely to request more by approaching and flashing his Sammy smile, or giving you a gentle nudge with his paw.

He’s very comfortable in a crate, not possessive of food or toys, and his previous owner reports he’s also good with cats and small dogs.

Quinn also loves car rides. Like LOVES them. He’s very calm during car rides, but seemingly can’t get enough of them. The designated “dog seat” in the car seems like the place he most wants to be.

In foster, Quinn did develop a rivalry with the environment’s other male dog, so we’re recommending a forever home where there’s no other male dog so that won’t be an issue. He’s had no issues with the foster’s female dog and also had no issues with other male dogs at dog parks where it was more about play than establishing the household canine hierarchy.

Quinn required some training about the rules of indoor life and likely will need a little more. He’s proven a quick study, and we think he’ll be a great and very appreciative addition to the right forever home.

Sex: M

Neutered: Yes

Size: Medium (60 lb)

Age: 4 years (approximate)