Available to adopt

May 11, 2024

In Samoyed Rescue lore, there’s a group of dogs known as “the Iowa dogs.” In 2018, a puppy mill in Iowa was raided and shut down and 170 Samoyeds rescued (more on that story here). The conditions were horrible and the dogs were in rough shape physically and mentally. Samoyed rescue organizations across the country banded together to each take in some of the Iowa dogs. By way of an associated backyard breeder in Battle Ground, WA, who had some of the Iowa dogs “on loan,” Northwest Samoyed Rescue ended up with three: Fena, Sophie and Tessa.

The dogs arrived feral and fearful. It was clear that these would be challenging and likely longtime fosters who would need exceptional adopters to succeed. Fena was adopted by just such an adopter, who worked with her on her issues and turned her tale into an amazing success story. Sophie passed away in foster this year. Tessa, 8, is the lone Iowa dog remaining with us, and one for whom that next exceptional adopter can make all the difference.

Though Tessa has made slow progress during her years in foster, she remains generally fearful, but never aggressive. Her routine has been a lot of room to run, peaceful coexistence with people and other dogs in her foster environment, but always maintaining her separate space. Like the other Iowa dogs who have been in our care, she’s particularly fearful of men. Tessa’s receptive to walks and grooming and treats, but much more so when it’s a woman on the other side of the transaction.

Tessa and Sophie, who were presumed litter mates and rarely photographed apart, tended to feed off each other’s fear, and when Sophie passed, our theory was that Tessa might start to emerge more fully from her shell. That’s begun to happen. The best home for Tessa will be one where she’ll have room to have her own space, but her adopter is committed to continuing the progress she’s made.

Sex: F

Age: 8 years

Size: Medium (55 lb)

Spayed: Yes

Chipped: Yes