January, 2006

The New Year started off well with two successful adoptions, Teddy and Frosty. We barely missed one dog in Spokane who was adopted from the shelter before we could spring him.
We had a call from another rescuer in November telling us about someone who contacted them about a dog in need. We called him, and he took the dog to Mary so she could meet him. Mary took Teddy into rescue, and she and Lon fostered until early this month. They reported that he had received poor care with his former owner, and he was still learning to trust men. Teddy is not purebred, but is a wonderful dog. A couple living in Seattle, who had a positive home visit with Liz and Van, went to meet him and fell in love. They sent an update recently that said “It has been an absolute blessing for us and believe he was meant to be with us. I cannot believe anyone ever hurt this sweet, adorable dog.” Those are the messages that make rescue work rewarding.
Frosty spent four months in a pet store before being dropped off at the shelter on Camano Island. Judy made contact after hearing about him, and took charge of his fostering. Under her wing he was taught how to be a puppy, something he wasn’t able to do previously. Judy and her dogs taught him well, and although he still needs some TLC he progressed quickly. Dave helped with a home visit in Tacoma, and Frosty found a new home there a week ago. The update we got said “We have had him home for over 24 hours now and couldn’t be happier.”
A few days ago a Samoyed came into the Spokane County Shelter, and Kristina checked to be sure he was purebred. He was, so we made plans to board him at Byer’s Kennel, and Cheri was going to pick him up. When we called to finalize the plans we learned he had just been adopted and we were too late. It turns out this is the second time this happened, because he was placed by the Spokane Humane Society last October, also just before we got to him. We’re crossing our fingers he found a home that understands sammies.
Our rescue mailing list, called Northwest Rescue Sams, continues to grow. There are now 40 subscribers who help with Samoyed Rescue, and the job would be impossible without all of them. The list is low-volume, only used to communicate about transport, home visits, placements, and other rescue business. If you are already there, THANKS! If not, please let us know and we will be very happy to add you.