March 2024 Rescue Report

Judi is a challenging girl. She has made great strides since she first came into rescue back in November. She had been bounced between owners, was overweight, and was having seizures. The last owner didn’t give her the meds she needed, but now she is stable as long as she gets her twice-daily pills. She is a gorgeous dog, with beautiful blue eyes; only the second blue-eyed Samoyed we have seen in over 20 years. As she learned she was safe in her foster home, Judi’s personality emerged. She is friendly, gets along with other dogs, and enjoys walks. She loves toys and treats and being close to her people. She is losing weight and gaining strength with exercise. It probably goes without saying that Judi needs the right kind of home, because she absolutely has to adhere to a twice-daily medication schedule. And lots of walks. There is someone interested in meeting Judi later this month, so cross your fingers.


Mochi is a 5 month old typical Samoyed puppy; spunky, sassy, energetic and super sweet and cuddly. She was surrendered to rescue because the previous owner had a toddler at home, and Mochi was too much puppy for them to handle. What we can tell you since she’s been with us is that she is very smart, picks up tricks very easily (good and bad tricks), and does all of the normal puppy stuff — barking, playing, running like a crazy dog, and being super affectionate when she stops to think about it. She is still working on potty training. She mostly is successful but occasionally has indoor accidents. She also has made a good start with crate training while she’s been with us. She will sleep through the night in her crate but doesn’t love it during the day. Mochi loves other dogs and has oodles of energy, so she would do best in a home with other young-ish dogs to play with and a yard to run around in. We think we found someone who will meet all her needs, and they get together soon.


We heard of a dog in the Seattle area living with an older woman who has dementia. The dog has been kept in a crate and not given exercise, and is generally in terrible condition. As we followed the story, Animal Control was convinced to visit, and the dog was seized and taken to a shelter. We are following closely and have been in contact, but we can’t give more information than that. If we get this dog, we will foster for a while and make sure she is rehabilitated for adoption.

Sophie and Tessa are former puppy mill dogs who have been with us for a little over six years, and are still fearful. If we can split them up, we believe either would be a good candidate for a home with only women (they are scared of men), with a yard that is super-secure.

Sophie (rear) and Tessa

If you see a dog you are interested in meeting or adopting, please go to our website at and fill out an application to adopt. You can also drop us a note at if you have questions.