November 2022

We have been talking about this for years, but in October we finally began the official transition to new blood. Melissa and Terry have been doing rescue in Oregon for 25 years, and Kathy and I have been doing rescue in Washington and northern Idaho for 21 years. We combined to form Northwest Samoyed Rescue in 2008, and we have become old and tired. At a recent board meeting, Hans was elected President, Erin is now Secretary, and Ron is Treasurer. Board members are Holley, Tom, Ryann, Melissa, Terry, and Kathy. We decided that the position of “first responder” will rotate by month, and we will all take turns. That person will be responsible for answering email inquiries, people who want to surrender dogs, and all other tasks where urgency is required. We’re still looking for more foster homes because we have no space right now.

Cooper is with Melissa, and will soon be neutered. It’s sooner than we usually choose to neuter, but we are not positive of his age and his hormones are showing themselves. He is young, but unusually affectionate. He will make a family very happy someday.

Rosie is a one-year-old in a foster home in Snohomish. They report she gets along well with the other dogs and is a very sweet girl who is ready for her new family. We are processing a recent application that looks like it may be the one.

Harmony’s allergies went away two days after an injection of Cytopoint. Our vet said that means her allergies are environmental and not due to food. When we got Harmony, we were told she is 12 years old, but she behaves like a much younger dog. Her energy is still high, and she runs harder than our other dogs. She also loves barking above everything else. Because she is a senior we planned to keep her here, but time will tell if she is better suited for another home.

Tessa and Sophie are still with us, of course, and it is approaching the fifth anniversary of their arrival. They continue to be fearful and we still have trouble getting them to come inside. Fortunately, they never fail to come in at bedtime, so we walk them on leashes during the day and only let them out on their own in the evening.

Holley responds to all Craigslist ads, most recently when we read that two senior girls needed to be rehomed. There have been no answers to our emails, but we will continue to try to help any Samoyed in need.

If you have ever thought about fostering a dog, please let us hear from you. We really need help.