October 2022

Rosie is a one year old female in the Everett area who was put on Craigslist. Her owner wasn’t able to handle her energy, and after Holley wrote to enquire, the owner decided to let us help find a new home. Since we didn’t have a good home waiting for her, we ended up putting her with Jenna, a new foster mom in Snohomish. The consensus is that Rosie is a nice young dog who needs enough exercise to work off her extra energy.


Cooper is still with Melissa, and we are still looking for the right home for him. Cooper has proven a problem we have, which is that we don’t have enough applicants right now. Recently we decided each dog will be put online and we will ask for apps for that dog, rather than apps for dogs in general. We posted him on Facebook on our rescue page, as well as on a large Samoyed group, and have had almost no interest. We can’t understand why people continuously post how they are looking for a young dog, but don’t contact us when we have one. Now that we also have Rosie, we have two young dogs and no good applicants on file.


Harmony came along with Cooper, but we were told she is nearly 12 years old so we elected to keep her with us. We aren’t convinced now that she is an old dog, despite cataracts and stiff joints, because she runs like a puppy. Her mammary tumor was successfully removed, and her allergies are probably environmental. Our vet gave her a shot of Cytopoint, saying it would diagnose whether or not the allergy was to something in her environment, and three days later the scratching stopped. That rules out food. We’ll see how long it lasts.


Bella’s high dose of thyroid drugs have kept her active and she seems to feel good. The mass on her neck is noticeably larger each month, and her breathing is raspy, but so far she hasn’t had any negative reaction to her tumor. It’s impossible to know how long she will stick around with us. She is such a cool old dog we hope it’s a long time.

Meanwhile, Tessa and Sophie have spells where they will come indoors when called, and long periods of time when they only come in at bedtime. We’re having one of the latter again, and we hope when the rains come again they will decide it’s warmer indoors. We know if we could find a home with a woman that either of them would do well there. It’s something we just can’t find.

As of now, there is no more room at the inn. We are not able to take more dogs unless someone steps up to help.