June 2024 Rescue Report

Last month, we forgot to mention that Nika was adopted! She is one of the three dogs who came in to rescue together when their owner had to go into an assisted living facility (the other two were Kaya and Karma). Nika found a new home after a short stay with a foster family in Seattle. She’s now splitting the duties with another dog (her new best friend) as the official greeter at a massage therapy practice. She’s also benefiting from plenty of doggie massages herself! 

Early in May, a woman contacted us about surrendering her 3-year-old Samoyed, Harry. Harry was having some behavioral issues like resource guarding, and they weren’t having a lot of luck changing the behavior. The situation was complicated by the fact that her son had some health issues, and he needed to be the priority. She reached out to us to see what help we could offer, and after putting her together with a behaviorist, it was determined that the best course of action would be to rehome Harry. We thought he would be a challenge to place, so we decided that a foster home might be a good option while we evaluated his behaviors and gave him a quiet place to land temporarily. The couple we reached out to (who are previous adopters from NWSR) didn’t hesitate to take him in. In fact, they immediately committed to adopting him instead of fostering him. “Happy,” as he is now known, is living the good life in Oregon with lots of land to run around on and four feline siblings.

Stella came to us in early June. This 7-year-old girl was the center of her owner’s universe until she had a special needs child 18 months ago and could no longer give Stella the attention she deserved. A few months back, her owner’s brother transported her across the country to step in and help, but that situation hasn’t worked out as well as he hoped. She is a sweet, snuggly girl, but she loves being outside, chasing squirrels and whatever else grabs her attention. If she’s bored, she’ll try to entertain herself by digging or barking, so she’s going to need a home that knows how to keep her engaged. Stella is currently being fostered in Oregon and is looking forward to finding her perfect (and permanent) home.


One of our volunteers found a listing on Petfinder for Suzie-Q. According to the shelter manager, this sweet puppy is only about 7 months old and was bought at a flea market. They needed help placing her, so we picked her up, and she went to her foster home this weekend. Unfortunately, she’s not housetrained yet, and the strain and stress of her situation have made her a little wild. We’re hoping that she starts to feel safe and settles in so we can get a better sense of her personality. We will also get a DNA test on her because we’re not sure she’s 100% Samoyed. We will share more about her soon. 

The great news is that Tessa has a new home! Our former “Iowa dog,” who has been generally fearful, found that unique person, who is undaunted by her challenges. She had a meet-and-greet with a woman who has experience with a dog like Tessa. Her other dog used to be so afraid of men that he’d cower and urinate, and she “brought him out of his shell to be a happy and talky dog,” according to one of our board members, who supervised the visit. Tessa and her new owner sat together for a couple of hours, allowing Tessa to get increasingly comfortable. She also walked Tessa and her new dog together, and that went well. We are so excited for their future together. 

Tessa and Alex
Tessa is getting to know her new owner.

Chalky, however, is still looking for his new home. With his skin condition under control, this sweet old dog just wants someone to love on him for the rest of his days. He is affectionate and energetic and doesn’t require much more than some snuggles and good belly rubs. 


If you see a dog you are interested in fostering or adopting, please fill out an application. You can also drop us a note at rescue@nwsams.org if you have questions. 

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May 2024 Rescue Report

Fortunately, it’s been a “quieter” month with more dogs going out than coming in to rescue.

Mochi, the owner-surrendered puppy who was too much dog for her previous owner’s home, was adopted a month ago. She has a new BFF sister to run around with, which is great for her energy levels (but maybe not so great on the amount of grooming her owners now have to do!).

Mochi and her new BFF
Mochi and her new BFF

Moko, our 12-year-old senior girl, found her new home, too! She joined a family with another Samoyed and a Husky, and she gets lots of love from all.

Moko leaving her foster family to go to her permanent home.

It’s a great month for our senior dogs because Kaya, our sweet 13-year-old, who came in to rescue last month with two other Samoyeds was adopted today. Her new owner grew up with a Samoyed, and she’s excited to have one back in her home. Kaya and her new terrier sibling got along well, so we’re excited for her new life. 

Kaya heading to her new home in North Idaho with her new terrier sibling

After trying everything over the last year, Chalky’s itching (and scratching and cone) has finally ended. The only thing that has worked is Prednisone, so we called the vet and asked if we could put him on it for the rest of his life. After all, he is probably 13 years old. The vet agreed, and the combination of the Prednisone and another flea treatment completely stopped his itching. We have been able to remove his cone for the first time since he arrived nearly a year ago. It’s hard to describe what a difference this has made. His rear legs are beginning to give out, so there is no telling how much more time he has. We will enjoy him as long as he is here.

Chalky’s skin condition is getting much better.

Since Sophie died, Tessa has been without her partner in fear. She is coming into the house without as much hesitation, and we are forcing ourselves on her a little more. Son Jeff picked her up, and we removed a number of mats near the base of her tail. Recently, his wife took Tessa to their home to give her a different place to explore. We’re also giving her a treat when she comes in, which probably helps her come inside. If we could find a home with only women, ideally an older woman, we think it would be a successful adoption.

Tessa has slowly been coming out of her shell and engaging more.

We have also found an amazing home for an owner-surrender male Samoyed. We are waiting to finalize all of the details and then we’ll post more about that next month.

If you see a dog on our site that you are interested in fostering or adopting, please fill out an application. You can also drop us a note at rescue@nwsams.org if you have questions. 

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April 2024 Rescue Report

This has been a busy month with many dogs coming into our care. In February, we were alerted to three dogs that needed to be rehomed. One of their previous owners had passed away, and the other needed to move into assisted living. After some back and forth with the owner’s son, it was determined that we would wait to take them until he sorted everything out with his mom. During that time, the dogs were moved into a boarding facility, where the change in food and location stressed them. 

We were finally able to take the dogs in mid-March. Kaya, 12, Nika, 9, and Karma, 6, were all taken to Melissa’s house, where they could decompress and relax for a few days. It was not ideal, though, because, in addition to her own dogs, Melissa was also fostering 12-year-old Moko, whose owners surrendered her due to a move out of the country. 


Fortunately, Karma met with a fantastic family who quickly fell in love and adopted her. Nika is currently being fostered in the Seattle area, and Kaya is now being fostered in North Idaho. All three dogs are getting health checks and grooming and are settling in. 


Meanwhile, Moko is still with Melissa, and we are looking for a home for her. She is a sweet dog in excellent health with the energy levels of a dog half her age. Initially, we thought she would need to be the only dog in the home, but as she’s adjusted to her new environment, it turns out she’s opening up and engaging with other dogs. We have a couple of people interested in Moko, so we’re crossing our fingers. 

Six-month-old Mochi, who was surrendered because she was too much puppy for her previous owner and her toddler, is still being fostered and is looking for her new home. She is getting comfortable with crate training and has a ton of young dog energy. She needs to be physically and mentally engaged, so she will do best in a home with another dog, particularly one who can show her the ropes and keep up with her energy. Her foster said she shows all the markers of being a good agility dog, so she’ll be a great match for someone interested in participating in dog sports. 


We’re so excited that Judi has been adopted! This blue-eyed girl came a long way from being the dirty, flea-infested dog with seizures. Now her seizures are under control, and she is a happy girl. 

Judi heading to her new home

There’s good news about Anna, the Seattle dog, who lived with an older woman with dementia. After she was seized by Animal Control and taken to the shelter, she landed in a foster home and was eventually adopted. 


We took Sophie, Fena, and Tessa into rescue in February 2018. They were nearly feral and spent much of the first year hiding in the garage, eventually coming in the house. We found Fena a good home, but Sophie and Tessa were still so fearful that they were unadoptable. They became part of our pack, but only Kathy could get close to them.

Tessa and Sophie

Last year, Sophie developed a perianal fistula that made it hard for her to poop. We treated her with Cyclosporin and antibiotics and then a laxative. A couple of days ago, she became lethargic and quit eating. A trip to the ER vet showed her colon was remarkably full, and they said it was like a firehose trying to empty through a tiny hole. A stricture made it even worse. They tried enemas, which didn’t work, then gave her the liquid humans get before a colonoscopy. Surgery would have been impractical. Our only option to avoid a life of pain was to help her cross the bridge, so we went to be with her as she left us.


We are working with Tessa now, hoping she will improve now that she won’t feed off Sophie’s fear. She really is a nice dog who deserves a home with a woman since she is afraid of men.

Chalky has been in the rescue since August of last year. He has a skin problem we haven’t diagnosed yet; we requested at a veterinary dermatology clinic several months ago and were told to wait until they have a slot open. We’re still waiting. Meanwhile, a mobile vet visited and put him on Apoquel, which has been marginally effective. Steroids work well, but he can’t be on them for at least a month before he sees the dermatologist. In the past month, his rear legs have weakened, and he has trouble standing. He is at least 12 years old, possibly 13, and we took him as a hospice foster. Chalky is the kind of dog you wish you had his whole life. He is a truly special, friendly, loving dog.


If you see a dog you are interested in fostering or adopting, please fill out an application. You can also drop us a note at rescue@nwsams.org if you have questions. 
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